Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
A message from penguinwings
where did you get the 'go vegan stay vegan' shirt? i love it

It’s great isn’t it, it’s from a US website, shipping puts the cost up but otherwise it’s worth it—motiveco?page=3

Just bought this t, it’s a step up from my ‘bad people wear fur’ one.

Just bought this t, it’s a step up from my ‘bad people wear fur’ one.

A Lincoln sunset from my bedroom, the Cathedral on the right in silhouette.

Made for me on request by my artist friend Robyn, click the picture for her facebook page for more of her art and contact details.

This little guy let me stick around and watch him for a while, then went swimming.

A message from Anonymous
So i'm from Lincoln and to be perfectly honest i hate it so much. What do you do when you're in Lincoln?

I’m sorry to hear that you hate it, maybe you’re just not looking in the right places? Reinvent your relationship with it. I do many things, I go on walks in the surrounding country, I find it’s easily accessible and there are many places I like to sit and read in, or meditate. I’m a student too so I’ll no doubt be doing the same this summer, I have a lot of time to kill while I’m waiting for a special someone to come back from America to me. Socially I’ll visit friends, I don’t drink these days because I’d like to make the most of my life and keep my health. There’s no need to be anonymous with your question, I’m happy to answer any questions. Have you lived in Lincoln your whole life? What do you do around the city?

A thimble I spotted in my parents’ house, supporting the UK miners’ strike in 1984

Shadia Mansour National Demonstration End Israel’s War On Gaza 24 11 12 (by fourmanfilms)

This was one of the highlights at the rally for me. She’s Shadia Mansour, Palestinian MC, check out her song Al Kufiyyeh feat. M-1 from Dead Prez.

Gaza Demonstration - London (23 November 2012)

A film negative I found.

This made my night yesterday.

New Year Resolutions

Meditate for at least 1 hour a day, I’ve not been doing enough lately.
Read for at least 1 hour a day, I’ve neglected to open my mind.
Raise money for animal rights and pro-vegan charities.

Lincoln Cathedral in Black and White